SignaLink Model SL-1
Sound Card - Radio Interface

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Your Passport To The Digital Domain!

In recent years there have been incredible advances in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) utilizing desktop computers and SoundBlaster® compatible sound cards.  This new DSP technology provides a level of signal processing that was simply impossible to achieve in older hardware based designs.  Software is now available for virtually all of the traditional digital modes including Packet, APRS®, AMTOR, RTTY, CW, SSTV, WEFAX, ACARS and more.  In addition the power of this technology has spawned a host of exciting new modes like PSK31, MT63, WSJT FSK441 and many others!  There are more than eighty different programs listed on our web site alone and more can be found on the Internet!  Most of these are "freeware" or "shareware" and in many cases provide a level of performance beyond your wildest dreams!

Tigertronics has developed the SignaLink Interface to help you take advantage of this cutting edge technology.  SignaLink bridges the gap between your computer and your radio to provide the highest level of performance in all the new modes.  In addition to delivering basic functions found in other units, the SignaLink provides advanced features and design innovations that set it apart from all the rest!

The SignaLink comes fully assembled and tested.  It is not a "kit"!  Take a look Inside the SignaLink.  Notice that our design employs "State Of The Art" Surface Mount construction for maximum performance and reliability.  Every unit is Robotically Assembled in our own modern factory in Southern Oregon.  Components are of the highest quality and every unit undergoes the same stringent quality control and inspection standards that you have grown to expect from Tigertronics!  We invite you to compare every aspect of the SignaLink to other products.  We think you will agree that nothing else compares!


The SignaLink has a number of unique features that eliminate the common problems associated with connecting your radio and computer.  It also provides some advanced features that are not available on other units.

What's Included?

Every SignaLink is supplied with the following items:  

Part Numbers & Options:

SignaLink SL-1 Part Numbers (please specify when ordering):

Extra Radio Cables:

Optional Cable Accessory Kit (P/N SLASSY) - Includes The Following:

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Power Supply:		6.75 - 15 Volts DC @ 10 ma (nominal)
Freq Response:		100Hz - 30KHz
In/Out Impedance:	600 Ohm (nom)
Attenuation:		Radio to Sound Card - 5:1
			Sound Card to Radio - 200:1
Auto-PTT™ Delay:	Fast - 28 milliseconds
			Slow - 800 milliseconds
PTT Circuit:		MOSFET Transistor
			Rating - 15 Volts @ 75ma (max)
Radio Connector:	Mic, Spkr, Pwr, PTT - RJ-45
			Spkr - 3.5mm Mono
Sound Card Conn:	Mic Input - 3.5mm Stereo
			Spkr Output - 3.5mm Stereo
Other Connectors:	Aux. Spkr - 3.5mm Mono
			Aux. Power - 2.1mm Coaxial
Case:			Extruded Aluminum - 6061T4
Dimensions:		1.1" x 2.7" x 3.2"
Operating Temp:		-30C to +60C

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