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BayPac Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BayPac FAQ - Contains the most commonly asked non-technical questions about our BayPac series of modems.


BayPac Troubleshooting FAQ

BayPac Troubleshooting - Contains troubleshooting tips and the most common questions and problems as reported by our Technical Support Staff.


Radio Wiring Information

Radio Wiring Information - Contains wiring information for connecting the BayPac to most base, mobile and handheld radios.


Shareware & Commercial Software For The BayPac Modems

A comprehensive list of BayPac compatible software is available on our Software Page. The list includes sources and descriptions for more than thirty-five different shareware and commercial programs! FTP links are available for nearly all of the programs.

Installation Disks For the BayPac Modems

Here is the latest version of the software disk normally supplied with our BayPac modem. These disk files are supplied in a "compressed" format. To create your installation disk, download the "self extracting" file below into an empty subdirectory on your hard drive. Then execute the file and it will expand into the individual files that need to be on the installation floppy disk. Next copy all the "extracted" files (not the master file that you downloaded) to your floppy disk. This creates an exact copy of our installation floppy disk. Remember that you must copy these to a FLOPPY DISK for installation. You CANNOT install the software from the hard drive directory that you downloaded to! Note that the actual "programs" will not appear until after you install from the floppy disk! 

We update these files regularly. Be sure to record the file date when you download, so that you can tell if the file has been changed since you last visited this page.

NOTE:  Our license agreement with the BayCom Team now allows us to ship the latest version of BayCom with all of our packet modems. However, the license does not allow us to make the latest version available for download. Because of this, these installation files contain the previous shareware version of BayCom. All of the documentation files are updated regularly though and are always current. 

Replacement installation disks can be obtained from us (for a nominal charge) if you still have your original disk. If you do not have the original installation disk, then you will need to purchase another registered copy. Please contact our Technical Support Staff for more information.

BPMODE Program For The BP-2 and BP-2M

BPRESET Program For The BP-2M 

This program will reset your BP-2M back to the original factory configuration.  This will correct any problems with a BP-2M that has "turned into" a BP-2 or refuses to change modes.

TCP/IP With The BayPac

Running BayCom On The HP-100LX and HP-200LX Palmtop Computers

Combine a BayPac modem, HP palmtop and an HT, and you've got the smallest portable packet system available today!


Installation Manuals

The following files contain exact copies of the Installation Manuals that ship with our products. They are provided in Adobe Acrobat format so that they can be viewed and printed without any specific word processor. If you do not have the Acrobat reader, you can download it free of charge by clicking on the "Get Acrobat Reader" icon below.

    BP-1 Installation Manual

    BP-2/BP-2M Installation Manual

    BP-96A Installation Manual

  If you don't have Adobe's Acrobat Reader, click on the icon to get it.

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