SLMOD13K - This jumper module works with the SignaLink USB only (not SL-1+) and is compatible with virtually all Kenwood radios that have a 13-pin Accy Port.  There are three different PTT configurations used by Kenwood, so you must set the PTT jumper as shown below for your radio.   Be sure to see our radio wiring and jumper settings page for any special notes on your radio (menu settings, etc.).

NOTE:  If your radio is not listed below, then we recommend trying jumper setting #1 first, and then setting #2.  You will NOT damage your radio or the SignaLink if you use the wrong jumper settings, but your radio will not transmit properly (no output power, "hot" Mic, etc.).

Setting #1 - This configuration is the most common and works with early Kenwood radios such as the TS-140, TS-450S, TS-850, TS-870 and TS-950. Some newer radios such as the TS-570D, TS-590S, TS-990 and TS-2000/X also use this setting.
Setting #2 - This configuration is less common and is used by some newer radios (TS-690 for example), and some older radios such as the TS-440.
Setting #3 - This configuration works with the TS-940 only.

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