Thank you to Wade Bolling, W5ERX, for providing these setup instructions!

NOTE:  These instructions are for the FT-1000MP only (NOT MARK V).

"USER" Mode Configuration

The FT-1000MP's "User" mode (menu 8-6) must be configured as follows:

Mode = Pac-lo,
Diplay offset = 0.000, **adjust if needed
Receive PLL = 1.450,
Receive Carrier = 453.550,
Transmit PLL = 1.500,
Transmit Carrier = 453.500,
RTTY Offset = 0.000,
Easy Set = Off

Radio Operation

Tune to your favorite PSK31/ RTTY/ SSTV (etc.) frequency and press the "USER" button, NOT the "Packet" button. This will put the radio in Packet and show LSB button light.  However, with the above settings you will be in USB.


**Early production original MPs did not allow TX Car to be set below
456.300 Khz. but these values work fine.

Disp Offset = +2125
RX-PLL = +2210
RX-CAR = 452.790
TX-PLL = +2210
TX CAR = 452.790

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